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Creativity with Artful!

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This evening, from 1600 hours to 1800 hours, a Chalkboard event was carried out by Artful as a pre-celebration of Earth Hour. In this event, a chalkboard was presented with the phrasing “60+, Dhuniyeahtakai 1 Gadi’iru” translating to “60+, One Hour for the Planet” and children drew on the floor of Helipad Area using chalks and their creativity, expressing their thoughts about world conservation and Earth Hour.

Planning and preparation for this event was carried out since Thursday, 26th of March. They would like to thank Hiriya School in their help in this event. Artful also helped Bike Maldives in creating banners and also spreading awareness about Earth Hour on social media.

Artful was found in 2009, is aimed to provide a unique opportunity to aware the people of the Maldives to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle waste materials in a creative way, by producing and exhibiting unique artful products made from waste materials, mostly like waste Papers, Clothing materials, etc.