Earth Hour pre-events, proves to be an effective build-up for the main switch-off event.

This year, Earth Hour Maldives hopes to carry out a number of pre-events and activities to increase overall awareness and participation of the public in the Earth Hour. Official pre-events include kicking off a social media campaign, organize Clean ups, public events and Bike rides.

  • Social media campaign: the Earth Hour Digital Engagement team will kick off a 30 day countdown via various social media channels spreading awareness and calling for a nation-wide participation.
  • ‘Bring Your Own Bag Campaign’: a consumer driven campaign to eliminate single use plastic by encouraging the use of environment friendly shopping bag.
  • Earth Hour Clean-up Event: Partnering with Scouts and Girl Guides to your get hands in action for the planet, raising environmental consciousness and amplifying the #EarthHourMV cause.
  • Bike Rides: In an effort to promote sustainable practices, Earth Hour Maldives with the support of communities across the country hopes to organize several bike rides promoting climate friendly – and healthy – lifestyle.
  • Walk to Work / Walk to School: Earth Hour Maldives hopes to launch an initiative promoting healthy and sustainable commuting, encouraging individuals to choose to walk instead of burning fuel – the more healthier and sustainable commute.

Earth Hour Maldives will be reaching out to individuals, groups, educational institutions, community based organizations, businesses and corporates to organize pre-events reaching out to wider audiences. Earth Hour Maldives team will be providing support and advocacy tools to enable effective engagement.