A walk to remember: The Earth Hour!

Article taken from Radioactive Mind Blog, by Jin Elixir
To walk in the middle of a busy street is a dream of many, which I’ve lived!

I never figured out the reason of celebrating an Earth Hour when I was 13, I just found it rather a huge waste of time, another possible resources, and an increased consumption of electricity and all. I could tell you all that it was an excuse that I told myself and kept using my lights and fans when the rest of the world (or maybe half) switched off their electrical appliances.

And there I sat, in the biggest auditorium in the city, after 4 years, listening to a guy going on and on about how and why we are celebrating the Earth Hour. After 4 years of stubbornness, I found myself in the team of organizers and representatives of celebrating the Earth Hour in our country.

The 4 hour lecturing session went on, teaching us why we are celebrating an Earth Hour, how much energy consumption is reduced within that hour, and why we need to do so. People from various institutes came and put their sorrow words into the long list of speeches and just like that it was over. And the time was ticking for another two days, for the Earth Hour.

There was a door-to-door campaign, a fair, and a walk in the city before the celebrating the Earth Hour. And I managed to put my nose into every one of them. That was the least I can do. And when it came to celebrate the Earth Hour, we were assigned to groups with different tasks, and for me, I just had to walk around asking people to switch off the “lights that lit” the main street.

I missed out something. One of the bodies in the government also decided that from 8 in the evening to 10:30, no use of vehicles would be allowed on the streets. And the best part, I forgot that.

I walked on the pavements, slowly towards the main street minding my own business while my very keen partner was dumb founded about the fact that everyone from all ages were on the street. As for me, I realized that the moment I stepped into the main street.

The picture I saw could be best described if I say it was like seeing a school of fishes. People were so free on the road, like scattered grains of dust particles. They had no specific direction; (said their faces) they were just walking. Walking, in the middle of the main road. With bliss. For a moment, I regretted a little bit for taking the job, since I had to run into shops and greet annoyed and greedy shopkeepers who just don’t want to switch off even a single light. That ruined my mood a little bit but then again, not everyone is the same, not even me 4 years ago.

After getting out of every shop, I would stand on the pavement, just staring at the people. It was a sight to see. Once so busy roads are now filled with people like ants on a sugar cube. Even children at that hour of the evening were running like they have just entered Disney land. With another frown, me and my partner would enter the next shop.

When the clock struck a minute after 9:30 that evening, it was back to being normal. All the switched off lights came on and the whole street lit up like a Christmas tree. As for me, I stood in the middle of the road, and sighed. We celebrated the Earth Hour, but a handful of people went beyond it. Thinking of how people are so immersed in their voyage to earn money and live life, I headed towards the check-in point, to report that my job was done.

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