ALIA using their power this Earth Hour!

This year for the first time ALIA took part in the massive worldwide campaign to create awareness on climate change. Focusing on tangible impact by educating and inspiring actions from our employees this year ALIA took part in its first Earth Hour “Switch off” event.

“Maldives being a tropical chain of islands face heavy impacts from changes in climate. Thus we have been a nation on the climate frontline!” says Ahmed Saeed, Assistant General Manager as all staff gathered at ALIA building tonight at EARTH HOUR where they discussed on environmental challenges, steps that can be taken in our everyday lives, that can reduce energy consumption and change climate change.

“It is with immense proudness I say that this Earth Hour gathering was initiated and is being led by employees themselves. ALIA wishes to play a vital role in being socially responsible as an organization and I am very happy to know that our employees share similar notion on such matters as well” also said Saeed.

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