Promoting Earth Hour on Bikes

Ride a bike for your health and the protection of your environment – promotes Bike Maldives, the organizer of regular Friday morning bicycle rides in Malé and Hulhumalé. Bike Maldives is a strong supporter of Earth Hour Maldives.

This morning some 50 riders took on Hulumalé, with Earth Hour posters and flyers in support of the global movement. The event started at 06:30 and ended at around 08:00.

“We the members of #BikeMaldives joining hundreds of millions of people all over the globe to show our commitment to create a better future for the planet and how much we care about it! We will enthusiastically embrace the Earth Hour uniting people to protect the planet!” said Bassam one of the event organizers.

Bike Maldives is also doing a special event in Malé this Saturday on Earth Hour day, evening at 16:30. They are calling all bicyclers to join Bike Maldives at Raalhugandu Area to be part of this event. Bring your own bike or call 7779413 to rent one, just make sure to join.

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