“Earth Hour” in Maldives

Earth Hour™ is an initiative of WWF, and Earth Hour Global is a registered Charity under the Charities Act in Singapore and a company limited by guarantee. The principal objective of EHG is to operate as an independent organisation and charity with the aim of uniting people to protect the planet.
It is also a global event organized by the World Wild Fund – the global conservation organization (WWF) to create awareness about Global Warming and the impact it creates on our plane; a global movement uniting people to protect the planet. Towards the end of March every year, Earth Hour brings together communities from across the world celebrating a commitment to the planet by switching off lights for one designated hour.
Earth Hour celebrates the second-to-last and last weekend of March is around the time of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, which allows for near coincidental sunset times in both hemispheres, thereby ensuring the greatest visual impact for a global ‘lights out’ event.
The Earth Hour first started on March 31, 2007 as a national event in Sydney, Australia, by switching of its lights for one hour, over 2.2 million Sydneysiders and 2,100 businesses switched off their lights for the Hour and made a powerful statement about the urgent need for action on Global Warming.
What began by one city taking a stand against Global Warming caught the attention of the world and in March 29, 2008 Earth Hour went global, brought together 35 countries and over 370 cities and towns with an estimated 50 million people globally took part.
In March 28, 2009, with WWF’s target to reach 1 billion people worldwide, Scouts of Maldives in collaboration with NGOs and governmental agencies worked together to get as many Maldivians to participate in the Earth Hour by switching of their lights for one hour with the rest of the world. Hundreds of millions of people in more than 4,000 cities, towns and municipalities in 88 countries across the globe and many of the world’s most famous landmarks participated in Earth Hour 2009.
For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for Global Warming. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from!!
Earth Hour held on March 27, 2010 and succeeded being across the globe in delivering a powerful action of hope for a better, healthy planet, to take responsibility, and lead the global journey to a sustainable future. A record 128 countries and territories took part and iconic buildings and landmarks stand in darkness.
At 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011, (The hour the world united to celebrate environmental actions that go beyond the hour) individuals, communities, businesses and governments across the globe turned off their lights for one hour to go beyond all barriers of race, religion, culture, society, gender, geography and generation in a global celebration of the one thing that unites us all – the planet.
Earth Hour 2012 is held on Saturday March 31 at 8:30pm-9:30pm and breaks records to again cement itself as the largest voluntary action for the environment, with more than 7000 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories taking part. The campaign experiences the largest growth since 2009, and continues its effort to go beyond the hour by launching the “I Will If You Will” campaign, with more than 200,000 individuals accepting a challenge at YouTube.com/EarthHour. IWIYW asks everyone around the globe to share what they would be willing to do to save the planet, and what they’d expect done in return. Earth Hour 2012 went to extremes to protect the planet, with astronaut André Kuipers observing the lights off event from the International Space Station.
In what is anticipated to be the worlds’ largest ever display of civil action, Earth Hour 2013 will see hundreds of millions of people in cities, towns and municipalities across every continent, turning off lights for one designated hour to celebrate the positive actions they are taking for the planet.
Earth Hour aims to encourage a commitment to environmentally-beneficial change, empowering grassroots action through an integrated, open source platform that brings together a global community engaged in dialogue and resource sharing that inspires real solutions to our environmental challenges.
Considering the environmentally threatened islands of Maldives and their vulnerability to Global Warming, this is an opportunity for all Maldivians to join hands and campaign against Global Warming and actively take part in the battle against Global Warming.
Earth Hour Maldives 2013 will be organized in the Maldives with a Team of volunteers from The Scout Association of Maldives with the generous support of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Earth Hour Maldives hopes to obtain the full cooperation of the community, non-government organizations, companies, tourist resorts, government ministries and agencies and the school community, to effectively make Earth Hour Maldives a success and to demonstrate to the world where the Maldives stands in the battle between Earth and Global Warming.
This year is the seventh Earth Hour around the globe and fifth year that Maldives will join the rest of the world and switch off for Earth Hour.
Earth Hour 2013 will be held on Saturday March 23 at 8:30pm – 9:30pm wherever you are in the world. So save the date and keep checking earthhour.org and earthhour.mv to see the world unite to protect the planet.

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